You Are Your Diamond Studs

Like it or not you will often be judged by your jewellery and Diamond Stud Earrings are the most valuable and wearable piece of jewellery you could ever purchase.

Diamond Studs are a classic and elegant piece of jewellery that are able to be worn with friends to a casual coffee catch up or a formal dinner in the evening. Your diamond studs will be a staple you will wear day after day, year after year and may even become an inextricable part of your person.

When purchasing your Diamond Stud Earrings there are several rules you have to follow in order for your purchase to a success.

  1. Your diamonds should be white. You don’t want your diamond studs throwing any colour, that is, any yellow or brown tones. Palomino Jewels only sells diamonds of G colour or higher ensuring you will see only sparkling white light.
  2. Your diamonds shouldn’t be heavily included. If your diamonds are heavily included, they won’t sparkle. Palomino Jewels only supplies stones that are SI clarity or better to make sure there are no heavy marks inside your stones.
  3. Your diamonds must not fluoresce. Some diamonds fluoresce in daylight. This is not a good thing and will diminish light return making your diamonds appear dull. Palomino Jewels guarantees your Palomino diamonds will never fluoresce.
  4. Your Diamonds must be well cut. If your diamonds aren’t cut to precise proportions, they won’t sparkle as much. Palomino jewels only sets stones that are cut to exact proportions, so they are guaranteed to provide the maximum light return.
  5. Your diamonds have to match. Just because two diamonds are the same weight it doesn’t mean they are the same shape. The diamonds from Palomino Jewels are all closely checked by qualified diamond graders to ensure your diamonds are perfectly matched.
  6. Quality settings are vital for survival. Poorly made settings will be uncomfortable to wear and sometimes insecure. There is nothing worse than losing a diamond. To ensure our settings are of optimal quality, Palomino Jewels designs and manufactures all our own settings. That’s right, every setting holding every diamond has been designed and manufactured here in Australia by Palomino Jewels.


We Stand Behind Our Diamond Studs


We were perfectly happy to sell you your Diamond Stud Earrings and we are perfectly happy for you to trade them in on a larger pair. With the Palomino Diamond Upgrade Plan if you ever wish to purchase a larger pair of diamond stud earrings, we will accept your present Palomino diamond studs as a trade in and credit the full retail value of those studs against your new larger Palomino diamond studs. So, if your own a pair of Palomino Diamond Studs totaling 0.30ct and are thinking of a new pair of 0.50ct diamond studs then bring your old studs back to us and you will receive $1,490 off the purchase price of your new studs. In this case the $2,490 diamond studs become a $1,000 purchase.


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