Palomino Jewels Diamond Upgrade Plan

 There's nothing quite like the classic sparkle of Diamond Stud Earrings and our Upgrade Plan allows you to grow your diamond stud investment diamond by diamond.

Start your diamond journey today with our upgrade plan. Here's how it works.

If you decide to purchase our Palomino Jewels 0.50ct diamond earrings for $2,490 then, at a later stage, you decide you would like a larger pair, like the 1.00ct diamond studs at $5,900. You can trade in your 0.50 diamond earrings and we'll provide you with a credit of $2,490 against the $5,900 cost of the 1.00ct diamond studs. Making the cost of your upgrade $3,410.

The Palomino Jewels Diamond Upgrade Plan ensures you see all the value of your original purchase sparkling on your ears rather than sitting in your jewellery box.