Equestrian Sterling Silver Jewellery
Equestrian Sterling Silver Jewellery

Equestrian Sterling Silver Collection

Silver Jewellery is worn and loved by many women in Regional Australia. Unfortunately, so much silver jewellery offered these days is poorly made in low grade silver. A lot of equestrian silver jewellery has only just enough silver in the alloy to stop it from rusting and you can smell the base metal in the piece. Cheap is it’s only redeeming feature.

Equestrian women deserve better.

The Palomino Jewels silver range is made entirely of Sterling Silver, and like all Palomino Jewels pieces, it is entirely designed and made in Australia. We spend as much time on our silver jewellery as we do on our gold jewellery. And the results are beautiful.

All our equestrian silver jewellery is hand crafted. The snaffle bits are fully articulated. The pearls we use are all Australian South Sea Pearls. This attention ensures you will enjoy wearing your Palomino Silver Jewellery every day. For the rest of your life.