About us

David Benn is an award winning Gemmologist, Diamond Grader and Registered Valuer who grew up in the corrugated black soil farming land west of Brisbane. Now based in Sydney, David has over twenty years experience of serving urban and rural customers through his successful bricks-and-mortar jewellery business.

David's extensive contacts and experience within the jewellery industry are well met by designer Sarah Taylor's definitive artistry and design aesthetic. A fully qualified manufacturing jeweller and metallurgist, Sarah is a leading creative force in the Australian jewellery industry. 

Palomino Jewels is born

From the high plains to the high street, the creation of Palomino Jewels was inspired by the sweeping landscapes and sunburst skies of regional Australia.

Drawing on a long-standing tradition of fine craftsmanship, David and Sarah are driven to create stunning pieces showcasing statement classic and contemporary designs.

Proudly designed and made in Australia

The Palomino Jewels collection is designed and made in Australia using superior quality diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. Our skilled artisans create heirloom pieces to be shared from generation to generation. 

We pride ourselves on pairing outstanding quality with exquisite designs.

Superior customer service

David and Sarah are committed to impeccable customer service. Any follow-up repairs are carried out in house by our staff to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Providing professional, friendly service is our priority and pleasure.