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Jewellery colours for different skin / hair tones

by Despina Mitrakas 27 Mar 2023

My niece, Harriet stood in front of the mirror in the showroom lifting white gold and yellow gold earrings up to her ears and frowning. Finally, she turned to me and held out the two pairs of earrings.

‘Which of these looks better on me.’

I looked up from my screen and stared at her for a few moments. ‘You’re young and beautiful. They both look fine.’

Harriet sniffed. ‘That’s not an answer. It’s an offload.’

Harriet was right. It was an offload. But there was no definite answer either.

While there are some gold jewellery guidelines that will work with most people, they are not rules and will not suit or appeal to a lot of people. Just as we look at some guidelines and see how they work we will also see how they come apart as well…

Guideline #1 Yellow Gold Looks Best against Warm Tones

It is true that the sunburst shine of yellow gold does look spectacular on warm susun-kissedkin. Yellow gold earrings set against a flowing mane of golden blonde hair or rich brunette curls are captivating.

However, there will be times when you don’t want the warm lustre of yellow gold to be a feature. Often the colour of a gemstone will determine the colour of the gold.

A good example is diamond stud earrings. We tend to set diamonds in white gold, so you don’t notice the metal. We are able to put such a bright white finish on white gold that it is a mirror, and you barely see it at all. All you see is the diamond sparkling like a little star on your ear.

Guideline #2 White Gold Looks Best against Fair Skin Tones

The icy white flash of white gold diamond set jewellery looks enchanting when worn on fair skin. And white gold drop earrings are super cool and beguiling against long black hair.

But while white gold retains a pervasive sense of sophistication and sets off diamonds in spectacular fashion – it is colourless. Add a dash of tan to your skin and you might be looking for a stronger colour palette.

Guideline #3 Rose Gold Looks Best against Pink Skin Tones

Rose gold dates back to the nineteenth century when Covent Garden jewellers had their own recipes for cooking gold. They created rose gold to enhance the rosy, white English skin tones.

Modern 18ct rose gold bursts with light and fire and almost burns the skin with rich intensity. It looks enchanting when worn against skin with even the slightest rosy tone.

Rose gold does have a very particular colour. And while some women will enjoy wearing their rose gold on a daily basis, others may find themselves looking for an alternative.

Which brings us to…

Guideline #4 You’re Allowed to Own More Than One Type of Gold

Seasons change. Fashions change. And you will change.

Having different coloured gold jewellery gives you choice and freedom. There will be pieces that will define the season. Your yellow gold pearl drop earrings will be worn every day in summer.

Schedules will determine the jewellery you choose to wear. Your white gold diamond stud earrings will be worn every day to work. Your yellow gold horse bit necklace will be worn to the dressage event.

Whatever the season and whatever your schedule, wear the gold jewellery that lifts your spirit and makes you feel beautiful.


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