The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Stud Earrings

Are you looking to purchase a pair of diamond earrings but aren't sure what style to choose? Perhaps you have your diamond studs on hand but need tips on styling them. Read on for five commonly asked diamond stud questions and our top tips on how to choose and style diamond earrings for women.

Are Diamonds in Style?

In the words of Zsa Zsa Gabor, 'I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.' While other gem stones may come and go out of fashion, fine diamond jewellery has been a fashion staple for decades - with good reason. Rare, sparkly and effortlessly stylish, diamonds look good in everything from rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings - if you know how to wear them...

The wonderful thing about diamond stud earrings is that they're classic, elegant and timeless. They pair well with modern pieces for a contemporary look, or can be worn on their own for a more traditional appearance. Whether it be marking a milestone or handing down to your babe when she's older, the perfect pair of diamond studs will never go out of style.

Can You Wear Diamond Studs All the Time?

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Diamond studs are a great way to elevate an outfit and are perfect for special occasions and events. however, when cared for properly, there's no reason your diamond studs can't be worn all the time. A small pair of diamond studs can add a touch of sparkle to an everyday outfit - and you deserve to feel glamorous every day.

The right pair of diamonds won't ever fade or dull in lustre - so you can rest assured that wearing them daily will do nothing but make you feel fabulous. And, with 18ct gold settings, you'll never hav eto worry about your earrings tarnishing or losing their shine. If you do find your diamond studs are looking a little lack-lustre, you can always bring them in for a complimentary polish and shine. So, pop those little stunners in and get on with your day.

  How Many Carats Should Diamond Studs Be?

You might think that you need bigger diamond to make your studs stand out. While large diamond studs make a big impact, dainty diamond studs are super cute and trendy and give you lots of variety in style choices. We personally love our 0.30ct diamond stud earrings - the perfect size to accessorise any outfit.

No matter what size you choose, when selecting your diamond jewellery make sure you also pay attention to the four c's of diamonds - carat, colour, cut and clarity. Choosing a stone in the G or H colour range will ensure your diamonds are white and will not show any yellow hues, while an SI clarity makes sure there will be no eye visible inclusions. Remember that cut plays a big part in the appearance of your diamond earrings - a well cut pair of studs will give the optimum amount of sparkle to be seen up close and far away.

How Should I Wear my Diamond Studs?

Once you've chosen the perfect pair of diamond studs for you, it's now on to the fun part - styling! We recommend paying attention to your hair styles when wearing studs so you can properly show them off - you don't want to wear a gorgeous pair of earrings only for them to be covered by your hair all day! Shorter styles can look great when showcasing your studs, or an elegant updo or ear tuck might be the right choice for longer hair.

When it comes to pairing your diamond studs with other jewellery, less is more. If wearing a second pair of earrings, opt for simple golds to really make the diamonds 'pop'!

If you're going to wear a bracelet or necklace, choose a simple chain style over a statement piece - the diamond studs are the only statement sparkle you need for this look! For outfit choices, dark colours can really make your diamond studs stand out, as will low necklines.

Are Diamonds Only for Special Occasions ?

As we said earlier; diamond studs can be worn with any outfit, anytime - the same goes when your purchasing them! Diamond studs are a timeless gift that any woman is sure to love. Whether it be a special birthday or anniversary, a welcome home present to a child returning from boarding school, celebrating a great harvest or a new pony. Diamond studs are the perfect gift for any milestone (and if you just want to purchase a pair for yourself, we wont tell anyone).

Diamond studs are great for any age, whether it be sweet sixteen or a darling sixty! Remember, Palomino Diamond Jewellery is made to last a lifetime, so they also make perfect heirlooms - investing in a statement pair of diamond stud earrings cold benefit the girls in your family for generations to come!

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