How to Wear your Pearl Jewellery

If you're new to pearl jewellery, you may be wondering how to wear your pearls for the most impact, as well as questioning whether pearls are able to be worn casually. Pearls are a timeless, sophisticated jewel that can be worn classically, or dressed down for a modern casual look. Here's our guide on how to wear pearls in every situation.


Pick the Right Coloured Pearl for Your Outfit

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If you rad our last blog on Tahitian Pearls, you'll know that certain pearls pair better with different skin tones and hair colours, and that the appearance of a pearl can even change with the weather. However, another important factor when choosing your pearls is the colour of your outfit.

Out Tahitian Pearls come in both a green colour with a rosy peacock hue and an aubergine tone with a blue/silver luminescence. If you know colour theory, you'll know this means the green Tahitians pair best with warm tones, while the blue pearls work well with cool tones. Because of the rosy iridescence of the green pearls, adding touches of pink or deep rust can really accentuate the natural lustre of these pearls, while navy or white are out choices are our choices for the aubergine Tahitians.

If you prefer South Sea Pearls over Tahitian Pearls, you're in luck! Because South Sea Pearls are predominantly white and highly reflective, they tend to pair well with most outfits and colours. That being said, there are still ways to enhance the natural tones of your pearls and truly make them shine with any clothing. For a point of contrast, a black and white outfit will make you feel classically elegant, while soft pastels and creams are great for a muted, modern look.

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How to Wear a Pearl Necklace 

Pearl necklaces are a staple in the world of jewellery and are one item that's certain never to go out of style. While strings of pearls are the classic design of choice, pearl pendants are becoming more popular in modern times for their ability to be both subtle and striking. Pearl necklaces can be worn in a range of ways depending on your personal style and the formality, of lack thereof, of your event. Our favourite ways include:

1.  Wearing a pearl necklace or pendant with a strapless dress or top. This stripped back styling is visually stunning, and while it may feel minimalistic, the effect is bold. A South Sea Pendant looks great on all complexions and can be worn with the most casual of outfits for a touch of glam. Swap this out for a Tahitian Pearl Pendant or Tahitian Pearl necklace in the evening to truly elevate your attire and make a sophisticated fashion statement.

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2.  Wear a pendant or a string of pearls over a buttoned shirt. Wearing a pearl necklace with a collared shirt is a great way to add a feminine touch to your outfit. Whether you're wearing a formal shirt for work, or something softer in your spare time, a pearl necklace will give you a sense of sophistication without going over the top with too much sparkle.

 3.  Layering your pearls with a similar necklace is a great way to give an outfit some edge. A pearl choker can be great alongside a pendant for some more colour, while a longer gold chain will help draw the eye down. We recommend layering your pearl pendants with a simple gold necklace for a casual, daytime look, and bring out the extra pearls and statement pieces when you're out on the town. Our added hint? layered necklaces look great with plunging necklines, so put on your boldest evening gown for a truly show stopping look the next time you attend a formal event.


Styling Your Pearl Earrings

Now that you have a plan for your pearl necklaces, it's time to style your earrings. For a simple, sophisticated look, a pair of South Sea Pearl earrings can look great on their own. If you're looking to modernise your pearls, wearing Tahitians or South Sea Pearls in a double stack with some diamond or gold studs looks fun and fresh - check out our blog on earring stacks for some inspiration. In both cases, keeping your neck bare or pairing your earrings with a simple gold necklace is a great way to keep your look casual.

When it comes to more formal affairs, its all about pairing your pearl earrings with the right necklace. Our new range of Palomino Pearl Pendants match perfectly to their respective pearl earrings, creating a timeless, classic look that is great for business events, weddings and formal functions. However, as always, you're free to mix and match your pearls however you choose. Wearing a statement gold necklace with a pair of Pearl Earrings is really on trend this year, or use those layers again for a more youthful style.

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