How to Style the Perfect Stack of Stud Earrings

It's no secret we love a good style trend and layering jewellery is one we adore - just look how effortlessly stylish a good set of stackable rings can be! Something we found that needed a bit of spice was earring styles. Too often we see ladies wearing the same pair of earrings day in day out instead of using their ears to show off their country style.

The great thing about Palomino earrings is that they can be mixed and matched to suit your unique style preferences, all the while changing up your look day to day. Capitalising on the stackable trend, why not go for a sweet country chic earring stack? If you're looking at ways to ramp up your earring game and your own country fashion look, rad on for our stackable earring style guide.

Double Ear Piercings are Better than One

Was there a time in your younger years when multiple piercings felt rebellious? While this might have been the case in times gone by, having two ear piercings or multiple piercings, is now much more common, and is much more stylish then simply one! Whether it's pairing a drop with a stud or doubling down on hoops, earring stacks have the ability to look both fun and sophisticated.

For us, nothing beats the simple elegant style of mixing and matching stud earrings. Our signature Palomino Studs can be paired together to really showcase your country spirit. Remember that styling earrings doesn't have to be boring - all you need are some sophisticated diamond studs and then you can mix up your look each day with a different pair of stylish gold earrings.

Not sure which earrings pair well? Let's take a look...

Say Yes to Diamond Stud Earrings

As the saying goes 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' - and with good reason! Diamonds are the one of the most recognised and classically stylish gemstones in the world. You can find diamonds in all sorts of jewellery, but for us you can't go past a stunning set of diamond solitaire stud earrings.

If you've ever worn a pair of diamond earrings, you'll know that they immediately elevate an outfit and provide a touch of sophistication. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?! When selecting diamond studs to mix =with other earring styles, opt for a smaller size - you want that touch of sparkle and shine while still having room for other styles.

Remember that all our diamonds are sourced locally from Australian suppliers, so you'll not only get the best quality with our diamonds - you'll also be supporting the Australian jewellery industry.

Wheat Jewellery for Country Style Perfection

Once you have your diamond studs in, the options are endless! When stacking different stud styles, we love pairing diamonds with one of our counrty style 18ct gold studs. Now that we're in spring, our go-to stud style are the gorgeous Wheat Earrings. Available in 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, these elegant studs are a great way to celebrate the harvest and show your country pride.

The wonderful things about these earrings is that the different gold types can really change up your look. If matching styles catch your eye, opt for the white gold Wheat Studs to complement the white gold set Diamond Studs. If you like a bit of contrast in your stack, opt for rose or yellow gold for a touch of colour difference.

And if your harvest is super great this season, maybe you can really celebrate country living and purchase all three! ;)

Horse Love and Star Earrings

If the wheat studs aren't your style (or you simply want more options) we also love our Horseshoe and gold Star Stud Earrings. Just like the Wheat Studs, these stunners are available in yellow, white and rose gold. and look gorgeous paired with small diamond studs. For those looking for a more youthful look, you could even match a set of three earrings in a stack - just make sure the studs look complementary and not chaotic.

If you're looking for some extra shine, our Horseshoe Studs also come with an optional diamond version! These beauties feature a set of six diamonds on each stud, giving that extra touch of sophistication to your equestrian style. We love pairing a simple yellow or rose gold horseshoe set with the Diamond Studs for a daytime look, and then swapping to some white gold Diamond Horseshoes for an elegant evening look.

Double Stud Stacking like a Stylist

 Up your stud game today and express your true country spirit by adorning your lobes with one of the Palomino Jewels double stud stack. We'd love to see your style, make sure you tag us on Instagram so we can see your country fashion inspiration.

Looking for more country jewellery inspiration? Check out our full range of fine jewellery here, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest from Palomino Jewels.